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Fixed Flat Frame 16:9 American White Black PVC 92

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  • Size: 92”  (16 : 9 )
  • 8 cm Aluminum alloy frame wrapped in velvet
  • HD Matte White Fabric
  • Gain 1.0
  • Viewing angle : 160 °

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Product Description

Large-Flat Permanent Fixed-Frame Screen

Suvira's Large-Flat Permanent Fixed-Frame screen is a solution for the size limitation problem that comes with Traditional TV.The Permanent Fixed-Frame brings home the big screen theatre experience.Setting itself apart from normal screens, Suvira's  Permanent Fixed-Frame screen features a plane positioning desigh that ensures equal tension from ever side which makes the projection surface as flat as can possibly be.The optional perforated screen material features the most advanced perforation technology that ensures both picture and sound is showcased at an optimal level. Suvira's Permanent Fixed-Frame screen is the enthusuast's choice for use in a dedicated application.

4 Sided Tension Design

The steel tension bars along with the fixing lugs stretch and tightens the screen fabric for it to be completely flat and wrinkle-free. The tension can adjusted to ensure a evenly tensioned surface.

One Button Uninstall

By pressing the One button uninstall located under the install brackets, the whole screen can easily be taken down for cleaning.

Prestige Fixed Frame Screen Structure

  • Aluminum alloy frame wrapped in velvet.
  • 45 corner connecting bracket fitsperfectly and Easy to install
  • 80cm Bevelled Frame
  • Used for sizes 150" And Below.

Utimate Fixed Frame Screen

  • Aluminum alloy frame wrapped invelvet.
  • Corner Bracket are fixed by screwswhich ensure the connectingbracket is firm and rigid
  • 100mm Bevelled Frame
  • Used for sizes 150" And Above.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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